A History Lesson

*From the Archives of Just Us Owls*


“I’m sorry but I’m about to preach and teach!! If you want to fight a cause, understand what you are fighting. First and foremost the Confederate Battle Flag was never a national flag representing the South, it was a battle flag flown by several armies in Virginia. Even if it had been a national flag for the South, understand that the Civil War wasn’t just over slavery, while it was the reason slavery ended, it was merely an excuse for the war. The North fought the war over money (the same reason we fight half the wars these days and excuse it by saying we’re fighting for another cause.) Plain and simple. When the South started Secession, Lincoln was asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?” To which he replied, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for the government?” Sensing total financial ruin for the North, Lincoln waged war on the South. The South fought the War to repel Northern aggression and invasion, because, and yes this is a true stereotype, us southerners don’t like to be told what to do! Lol. The Confederate Battle Flag today finds itself in the center of much controversy. The cry to take this flag down is unjustified. It is very important to keep in mind that the Confederate Battle Flag was simply just that. A battle flag. It was never even a National flag, so how could it have flown over a slave nation or represented slavery or racism? This myth is continued by lack of education and ignorance.” Continue reading