The Aftermath

Hurricane Irma

I was stationed at Melbourne High School for Hurricane Irma, it was one of the hurricane shelters opened by Brevard County.

We spent four days in the shelter, where I was the amateur radio operator; relaying information to/from EOC to the shelter manager.  This was the first year that the American Red Cross was no longer in charge of the shelters and with the county in charge.

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I’m Back!


I am back to ministry functioning once again in the episcopate ministry.  I was on a sabbatical/brief retirement the past two years (for lack of a better word).  When God tries to get a person’s attention…He starts off with the still quiet voice…It took Him not only hitting me over the head with a club, but also dragging me to my senses to realize this is where I belong…this is what I belong doing.  This is my calling.  I’ve missed this work more than I led myself to believe.


To my followers new and those that have kept in contact with me…the Prodigal Padre is back, I ask for your forgiveness if you at all felt that I had abandoned you at anytime.  I’m back with a new gusto for my vocation.  I’m back ready and willing to give advice, wisdom, counsel, debate and all the other things I’ve done in the past. Please know I will be here for you to help you along your faith journey, help shed light for your walk with Christ or to just bring what comfort I can in times that you need it.  I ask that you keep me in prayer to be the best Shepard I can be.

I close with one of my favorite hymns that is based on one of the pieces of Scripture I attribute to my ministry.