Meet the newest member of the Tatro Family. This is “Trixie” a late model 2017 Kia Forte 5, I took delivery of her on 13th of November and she only had 24 miles on her.

I was blessed to get approved for this beautiful little car. She gets great gas mileage which is good for me with all the traveling I do.

If you are looking for a great place to buy a car in the Melbourne Florida area, stop by Boniface-Hiers Kia. See Ron Wilcox and let him know Padre Eddie Tatro sent you. They work hard to get you into a vehicle that you are happy with and that you can also afford.

After a few weeks will write a better review of Trixie.

Let Us Give Thanks!


Let us pray. Almighty God to whom all hearts are open and from no secrets are hid, receive these our prayers and supplications. Today we gather around our tables to eat a feast created from human hands from the substance you created. We are assembled with family and love ones who give you thanks and praise this day and every day for all the blessings and lessons we learned. We ask that you be with the men and women who are not with their families this day whether they are called away for EMS/Police/Fire work and especially for those of our armed forces hold them dear and close to your heart. We give you thanks for the bountiful feast we are about to receive this do we pray through Christ our Lord through whom all good things flow.  Amen!