Amateur Radio

Greetings from W4SJC!

This page will show snippets of Ham Radio starting off with current band conditions. With thanks to N0NBH.

I’m W4SJC an Amateur General Class Operator (formerly K1RET & KC1FLG) I’ve been on the Air since 05 April 2016. I’m an ARRL and W5YI certified instructor for Technician and General Class. I’m also an ARRL accredited VE (Volunteer Examiner). I am a ragchewer and dabble a bit in contesting. I’m also big into community service so I volunteer for Emergency Communications via ARES when the need arises.
Log Book
Rigs/Radio Transceivers:
My current Handheld Tranceiver is a FT-65R, it covers 2M/70cm.

My current base rig. I have the Yaesu FT-991A, it operates on VHF/UHF as well as the HF frequencies, the desk mic is the MD-100.

FT-991A & MD-100

Antenna Systems:
One of the antenna systems I use is the BuddiPole Deluxe there is a wonderful YouTube Video describing what the system does. A review from the 2018 Orlando Hamcation.

For my QTH I use an Endfed HF

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