I’ve been QRT (ham speak for off the air) for about seven months now and I am missing the airwaves.  My current situation doesn’t permit me a setup/shack area; I do have my HT, however, there is little activity and I’m in a propagation hole where my HQ is.

What have I been doing with the hobby?  Not much to be truthful.  I have updated my callsign from K1RET to W4SJC in anticipation of my move to South Carolina.  I even put my studying for my Amateur Extra Class Upgrade on hold as of right now I have no desire or energy to study for it. I have been giving some Elmer tips in the help groups, watching YouTube videos, and reading the articles on QRZ.

I am praying that once I make my move to South Carolina I will be out of this funk and I will have a proper shack again. I miss hunting the Parks on the Air (POTA), having a good rag chew, and taking part in club activities.

I know this lull for lack of a better word is only for a brief season but it has seemed like an age.  I know I’ll be back on the air soon (I pray) and I hope to get y’all in the logbook, so please pray that my move comes quickly and I settle in quick.

73 for now

W4SJC – Padre Eddie

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