Where’s He Been?

I think it is high time for an update.  First I’ve done some housekeeping here.  New domain (BishopTatro.blog), new background…so my dear readers please check out the visuals.

First, the important stuff is my health. I’m doing okay physically for now. Though having had to relocate back to New England with cold temperatures fastly falling upon us I will be in a bad place pain-wise soon. Mentally I’m in a bit of a depression, though with all that I’ve endured, and battled the last year I would say it is normal to have some depression, but I also have bipolar disorder so it is not just situational it is also organic. I am still on the cane and will be for the rest of my life (still fighting with OT & PT for a crutch), the two strokes really did some messing with my motor skills on my left side as well as my sense of touch on that side. Within the next year to a year and a half, I will be moving to Cassatt South Carolina.  We bought a nice tract of land there.

Hobby Update.  Amateur Radio: I’m still studying for my upgrade to Amateur Extra Class, it is a lot of study material for me to go through but will be worth it in the end.  I’ve added a new hobby.  3D Printing & Design.

Fancy Knick Knack Stand

I’ve created a page for my hobby to make a little pocket change. You can find the page here.

Vocation: I’ve come out of retirement.  I’m now “semi-retired.”  I’m back in the halls of the College of Bishop’s and filling in for sick or vacationing priests.

The Blog: Things coming for the blog.  Coming soon, I will be recording my past homilies into podcasts (via Anchor.fm) and linking them here for ya’ll to enjoy.  You’ve read them now ya’ll be able to hear them as they were meant to be.  I also hope to be writing at least three times a week.

That’s it for now.  Remember God loves you and so do I!

One thought on “Where’s He Been?

  1. Padre Tatro, So much you shared here. I knew you moved up north again. You join me with depression. We will struggle through together. — That added to your bipolar disorder. So you are using that cane & did have two strokes affecting your left side. And SC bound in the next years! Best to you studying & moving up to Amateur Extra Class. And you have added 3D Printing & Design to generate some pocket money! Glad you are back as a clergyman filling in for priests! Best wishes recording your homilies as podcasts!!! And you hope to write three times a week! –Very ambitious! You certainly sound energized!!! May God be with you in all ways. Phil

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