A Wistful Announcement

My dear followers and brothers and sisters in Christ. It is with a heavy heart and sad soul that I make the following announcement.

I’ve submitted my Declaration of Retirement to the House of Bishops to take effect on sundown this coming Pentecost.  It was with much debate and many tears that my peers accepted my declaration.  I will retain all my rights and privileges within the church and be styled as Rt. Rev. Fr. Edward L. Tatro, Jr., D.Div, Archbishop Emeritus.  I am retiring from public ministry as my body and health just cannot physically handle the responsibilities any longer.

Though as the angels and even as our Blessed Savior has spoken Fear Not…God is not done with me yet; He is just changing my venue.  I will continue my ministry here on this blog and various other places online as well as on amateur radio (ham radio). So stay tuned for bigger and hopefully better things.  I ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers as well as my ministry.

Remember God Loves You and So do I!

One thought on “A Wistful Announcement

  1. Padre Eddie, It is with great surprise that I read of your Declaration of Retirement to the House of Bishops, taking effect this Pentecost. It is a wonderful title bestowed upon you as Rt. Rev. Fr. Edward L. Tatro, Jr., D.Div, Archbishop Emeritus. I can understand your decision as you deal with your health struggle. And as you stated well your ministry will inevitably continue in many ways through all your life activities. The Lord’s work & word will shine through you always. My best wishes to you taking this next step in God’s plan for you. Love, Phil & Geri too

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