A Blue Christmas

For those of you that follow my personal Facebook account you have some idea of what this post is going to be about.

I’m going to clear the air even though I don’t think I should have to. Nicole and I have had issues going on for a little over a year possibly a year and a quarter now. Mainly over my health issues and her lack of support and help; along with one very big issue that belongs to her.

Nicole shut off love and affection at the start of 2019…maybe it was the end of 2018 but either way it was shut off. She hasn’t liked the fact that I’ve been ill, critically ill at some points. I will be having surgery after the New Year (once Cigna approves it), for a hiatal hernia repair, removal of a small piece of my liver as well as a gastric sleeve; all three of these will be done in one surgery (with the aid of a robot at that).  The GI specialist says I have nonalcoholic fatty liver and some other tests are raising a flag for a possible cancer in that vicinity as well.

Nicole has her issues and won’t deal with them and won’t take her medication or see her therapist. Nicole basically stopped her medications and stopped her therapy when Covid-19 hit. Nicole has bipolar disorder with Schizoaffective disorder which always made our adventure interesting to say the least.

With me not being well I couldn’t be strong for the both of us anymore and I gave her the ultimatum to do what was right and get back in med and therapy compliant or we needed a break. Well in her mind she took it as me leaving her. She wouldn’t talk with me yet she put our business on FaceBook where it did not belong. I had gone away for a few days to clear my head/think and received word that she upped and moved out of the house and moved clear to Illinois with another man. Yes I’m sure of the other man for two reasons she told me and I found where she met him on the computer, she didn’t clear the history (probably on purpose).

I’ve already lost friends over this. If you want to leave my life I’m not stopping you but just remember there are two sides to every story you see; and sometimes the person playing the victim (narcissism at its very best) is actually the one who was the one who brought it all about.

3 thoughts on “A Blue Christmas

  1. Padre Tatro, So unfortunate but true that you were forced to tell your story even here. Terrible that she used Facebook in public against you. Her posts on FB even influenced me trying to get you to patch things up. For that please forgive me. In all this, no mention of Conner, clearly a victim, most probably with his mother. And that you would lose so called “friends” over this is very sad. Now take care of all your many medical needs that you describe above. Sounds like laparoscopically & several things to be addressed by the doctors at one time. May the Lord watch over you & cure any malignancy through surgery &/or treatments. I hope & pray that you can someday sooner than later get back to the things you love as HAM operator & minister of God to us all with your online services as “in days of old.” Padre, a Blessed Christmas to you. And may 2021 be a new start for you with better health & surgery behind you & successful healing. –Don’t get married again without checking in with me! HA! Love to you, Phil & Geri too

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  2. Please accept my prayers. I know something of the experience you have had, for I walk in a relationship trial myself.

    L-RD bless you and protect you!
    L-RD deal kindly and graciously with you!
    L-RD bestow His favor upon you and grant you Shalom! (Numbers 6:24-26)

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