Results are in

I got the results of the biopsies done during my surgical procedure a few weeks ago. Two of the polyps they removed were precancerous, the other four biopsies were benign. Doctor feels that I’m going to be okay but we will repeat the procedure again in three to five years depending on symptoms.

2 thoughts on “Results are in

  1. Padre, Sounds like a colonoscopy. Six polyps in all, four benign & two precancerous, is a pretty good report. Maybe you never had a colonoscopy before. I’ve had two colonoscopies with small polyps. I’m overdue for a colonoscopy I should have had in 2019 but put off with all the demands of Geri’s surgeries. Same as you! At first three years in between colonoscopies & now five years. The insurances are saving money & killing us!!!!!!!!!!! Try for three years if you can. Sounds good, Padre. Prayers continue for you. Phil & Geri too

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