Just a minor update

Greetings one and all.  Again I must apologize for my lack of updating here.  I’m still having some struggles with my health and the doctors are trying to address it, but with this seemingly endless pandemic it seems like I’m getting no where fast.  I am surprised I logged into write this update and WordPress notified me that today is the sixth anniversary of my blog. Six years here at Padre’s Study…where has the time gone?

I am waiting for tele-health appointments with another specialist, this time a gastroenterologist as I’ve been having digestive issues.  So that is yet another specialist to add to my medical team.  Still struggling with finding the appropriate therapy for my fibromyalgia but we are making progress.

One thought on “Just a minor update

  1. Padre Tatro, Best wishes on your six years of Padre Study!!! And just keep at it with the all the doctors & the latest with the tele-health appointments a gastroenterologist on your digestive issues. I told you those cannolis would get the best of you!!! I just regret what you are going through in that you seemed to have the right doctors just before you moved to Montgomery. On COVID I just read an article by a prominent columnist that this may be a ten year COVID Depression! Best to Nicole & Conner! Geri is getting stronger & the surgeon hopes to reconnect the illeostomy by the end of October. Phil


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