Amateur Radio Awards

One of the activities that I’ve been able to enjoy since doing some minor updates to my shack is hunting Parks on the Air (the updates are a Heil Pro 7.0 headset in blue with a footswitch).
I received two awards so far.  The first one is for operating during the first week of 2020, and the second award is for hunting 10 parks (Please click and view the pretty certificates).



3 thoughts on “Amateur Radio Awards

  1. Padre Tatro, Eddie, trying to get through to you you here on your website. Your Facebook page has obviously been hacked, sending out a friend request to me. And your Timeline is inactive. Last time it was working & you were posting humorous things gave me hope that all things went well with your tests from your last hospital stay. I was hoping to find a post from you reporting on the tests that all was OK……but then your page went dead. So then I tried by leaving you a Private Message on Facebook…..but no reply. So, I came up with this idea to contact you & find out how you are doing, how the tests went, & wishing you well with Facebook. Hi to Nicole & hope school is going well for Conner virtual or in person or some hybrid form. OK here. Awaiting a final surgery for Geri Nov 12, please God, if the COVID wave does not prevent it. Phil


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