Health Update

I absolutely love my new PCP and neurologist!

My PCP is retired Navy and actually listens. Doc is slowly trying to undo something’s and investigate others. He really understands the pain I’m in and is trying to get it manageable.

My neurologist is great, I meet him today. He increased my Keppra and changed my migraine medication. He believes I’m having seizures because I’m actually having mini strokes. I have an EEG on Friday.

One thought on “Health Update

  1. Padre Tatro, This is the miracle report I was hoping for you!!! Your new PCP and neurologist are what you were praying for! Your PCP actually listens to you & wants to make your pain manageable! And your treatment by the neurologist sounds so hopeful by increasing the Keppra and changing your migraine medication. And at least he is bringing clarity to your condition that the seizures may be mini strokes. Hopefully the EEG on Friday will have answers on that. I am so happy for you & Nicole & Conner! Our prayers for you are being answered & will continue to come your way. Our love to you all, Phil & Geri too

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