The Freewheeler’s Net

The other evening I was spinning the dial on 80M looking to make some contacts. I came across a friendly chat going on…the frequency 3.916MHz.  I threw out my call sign as a first-time check-in for the Freewheelers net that was going on, Ethan was the net control that evening; I was welcomed with warmth, open ears and arms.

I applied for membership, just waiting on my membership certificate! Besides my old club up in Maine, and the great folks at MARC these operators were so friendly and welcoming they made me feel at home. Last night I took part (at the tail end of) The Saturday Night Free For All. I was welcomed by Pete (KE5GGY) and a few other fine folks; I had a great time rag chewing with the group until it was bedtime.

Taken from the 3.916 website:

“It all started on a cold November evening in 1998.  Ken Odom, W4FCW, had just been ‘run off’ an 80 meter frequency and was looking for a friendly voice to talk to.  He threw out a ‘CQ’ on 3.916 MHz and John, AA9KC, answered him. On that evening, The Freewheelers Net was born and with it the tradition of a frequency that welcomes everyone to the hobby of amateur radio.

Since November of 1998, The Freewheelers Net has been on the air on 3.916 MHz.   Led by a net control operator, The Freewheelers Net gives stations a chance to check in and tell us ‘how your day went.’   Each night we hear from good friends from coast to coast!

In 2007, The Tailgaters Net started as a pre-net to The Freewheelers, from 8:30 to 10PM.  In 2011, The 3916 Rag Chew Crew started operating from 7-8:30 PM, Sunday thru Friday nights.  And in 2015, The Weather Bunch Net was added, 6-7 PM on net nights.”

I’m still a rookie in terms of being an Amateur Radio Operator, having only had my ticket since 06 April 2016; and having found a home on HF is one of those feel-good moments.  So if you’re looking for a great place to make some new friendships turn your dial to 3.916MHz in the evening and join in the fun.

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