Why I Posh

My darling sister works hard both in studying for her college degree, taking care of her children but also educating people on the products of Posh and how to properly care for your skin.

my adventures as a mom

Why am I reblogging about skincare from Perfectly Posh? Why am I writing about Posh so much? Being a part of the Perfectly Posh team, Team Poshtopia means I can stay home and concentrate on my school while taking care of my kids. It means that I’m available if my son is having a rough day at school and if either of my kids is sick. It means I don’t have to call out of work or leave early. Things are tough for kids these days. I enjoy being there for them. I enjoy the fact that my daughter can be a girly girl and not put harsh chemicals on her face at 8 years old. It means I can teach her young how to care for herself.  It means my son with environmental/seasonal allergies can also use the products. He can also learn to take care of himself and…

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