An Interesting Ride

On Sunday 16 December 2018 I was rushed to hospital and have been admitted to Palm Bay Community Hospital. I collapsed and had three grandmas seizures and three small aftershocks and my floor nurse thinks I may have had a small stroke, Snowie thinks that too. I was given morphine, oxygen, and IV Keppra.

Monday I saw the neurologist. They started me on Plavix and went to the pill form of Keppra. I’ve got a reduced feeling on my left side with numbness. I am walking with a walker now. I had an EEG, an echocardiogram, and a carotid artery ultrasound.

Today, Tuesday I was able to walk the whole unit with the walker. I had a CTA done. The doctors are still unsure if I had a stroke but seem to be leaning that way. I have been officially diagnosed with epilepsy. I cannot drive now for at least six months; Florida law states you have to be seizure-free for six months before you can drive again.

They discharged me a little after 4pm. I see my PCP tomorrow. I am home now resting. This is now going to be an interesting adventure going forward. The medical team was incredibly caring and supportive more so than my past visits to that hospital. They educated and explained things well. I’m just glad to be home and not be hooked up to machines and have an alarm on my bed or chair.

One thought on “An Interesting Ride

  1. Padre Tatro, Eddie, So good to hear from you all about your latest “adventure in medical science.” You really must stop scaring us. So you sound official that the latest ailment/attack is epilepsy. –On top of all the rest! But epilepsy you can deal with… the doctors managing it with the meds as you indicate. I hope you gain some comfort to know all of us are praying & rooting for you all the way to better health again! Before you know it, you will be driving again…just be patient. God will carry you with His “Footprints in the Sand.” Love to you & Nicole. Phil & Geri too

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