9th PastaPost

My good friend Phil and his wife Gerri have shared yet another amazing Italian Pasta Dish. Stop by Excuse Us For Living and see the recipe!

Excuse Us for Living

Ninth PastaPost

Pasta Manfredi


Phil & Geri



     Excuse us for living, but we can’t believe we didn’t share this superb pasta recipe yet! It’s so good and we have it so often on Friday nights! What were we thinking? Here it is! But first there always has to be a backstory that goes along with our recipes. That’s just the way it is! These recipes don’t just pop up into our heads. They evolve for good reason…at least to us!

A Size AlCrop

         Pictured here is Al Manfredi, sixth grade teacher, High Mountain Road, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Al loved Italian food and bragged and bragged how good arugula was and how much he loved arugula, most likely in salads we guess. We didn’t even know what arugula was until I worked with Al at High Mountain Road School as his principal. It’s a…

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One thought on “9th PastaPost

  1. Padre Tatro, Many, many thanks for the Reblog on my “9th PastaPost,” Pasta Manfredi!!! And what a great comment of yours as a lead up to someone looking at my post as a result of your Reblog!!! The backstory about my teacher, Al Manfredi, who inspired this Italian pasta dish, is “worth the price of admission,” as they say! AND, it is always so humbling that you should so choose my post to reblog it!!! Thank you once again, Padre! Phil


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