It’s all in your head.

This is my reaction to the above article.

The problem is people with chronic pain such fibromyalgia (which I happen to have) are told the pain is all in our heads. A good many of doctors refuse to treat the pain and label us as drug seekers.

Doctors have to listen more to their patients. I’m in pain 24/7 and all I have to rely on is Motrin and Aleeve, as well as BioFreeze and IcyHot (all which barely touch the surface of the pain). While I understand the addiction epidemic there is also a pandemic of pain and physicians are not treating people with pain disorders correctly. It’s time that doctors got a little more education in the sufferings of their patients. End the stigma. We are not drug seekers! We are pain warriors who just want a little relief from pain to live and function like the average person does!

One thought on “It’s all in your head.

  1. Padre Tatro, A very important & needed message on pain & your 24/7 fibromyalgia. I remember in his day Jerry Lewis making pain relief one of his causes along with MDA. You must remember when he blew up with weight as a result of pain treatment in those years while still active with the Telethon. I was under the impression that great strides had been made with pain therapy. Was it through treatment of the spine? Or is that only for certain kinds of pain, obviously, back pain? Have you seen a doctor specializing in pain therapy or whatever? I thought this business of “it’s all in your head” went out the window years ago! Women used to get that more than men from doctors. I though doctors long ago got your message of listen to the patient! I had that same experience in 1981 with low blood sugar, on my way to hypoglycemia by 1994. “It’s all in your head!” until a doctor sent me for a glucose tolerance test. He came back to say, “We owe this young man an apology. It’s not in his head!” I’m sure if there was help available in Florida you would be first in line with any doctor. All I can say over & again is that Florida has many shortcomings. And you have added another one here, Padre! Phil

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