Men with Fibromyalgia

I’ve carried this cross of pain for nearly a decade and some days have been easier to get through than others, especially with no real pain control. Yes we men do make up a good number of people with chronic pain.

I moved to Florida one year and three months ago and since that time I have yet to find a doctor that believe in Fibromyalgia or that men get this disease as well as women.

Just like I haven’t found a physician here that believe that men get migraines, I was told that is purely a women’s disease. I call bullshit on the medical community here in Brevard County Florida. I think all of you doctors need to go back to medical school. Also those of you doctors that are not from the United States and whose native tongue is not English, please try learning the language here a little better you are very difficult to understand.

I’ve been asked a few times why I don’t try natural route ie medical marijuana, even if I wanted to I cannot. The drug is still a Class I Narcotic according to the federal government and as I have a mental health license I have zero tolerance clause. Until such time that the federal government and my secular employer allow such a treatment I can’t even think to get it.

What’s the point of this post…it’s more of a venting rambling while I’m sitting here at work.

4 thoughts on “Men with Fibromyalgia

  1. Padre Tatro, No, it’s good that you teach us about your struggle with the health establishment where you are in Florida & vent about it along the way!!! Is it worth venturing out of Brevard County within reasonable driving distance to find better doctors? I always say go where the rich people doctor & their hospitals!!! You get the better care as well!!! Your situation sounds like the reverse of how women have been treated for things like heart trouble years ago & told it’s in their head!!! I was told that once by a doctor when I had low blood sugar on my way to hypoglycemia….”It’s in your head!”……until he sent me for a glucose tolerance test. After the results came in he said, “We owe the guy an apology!” But at least he tried to help me & sent me for that test. Do some googling around! I find the comments of people to articles more helpful than the articles!!! And even telephoning around to doctors’ offices, hospitals, non-profit health organizations, support groups, etc. Help may be closer than your despair. Go for it, Padre! Feeling for you, Phil

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    • Thank you for your warm words Phil. Florida has a weird law when it comes to pain medications. You have to see a doctor in your county and fill the RX in your county of residency other wise it is void. It is their way of trying (poorly) to combat the opiate addictions in the state.

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      • Padre!!! How ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always known Florida was a messed up state with little regulation & attracting a high level of illegal scams!!! But on THIS Florida over-regulates by County???!!! Someone should test the constitutionality of this; e.g., cannot people from say St. Petersburg, for the sake of argument, go to some famous, outstanding cancer center or some other disease in, let’s say, Miami?????? How can this stand? You should be able to go to a better doctor or your choice of doctor anywhere in the State!!!! OK, CROSS STATE LINES INTO GEORGIA OR COME NORTH!!! Phil

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