Killing Jesus: A History

I am bringing you my readers a great book that I feel will be an interesting read.

I just finished reading Killing Jesus, a historical (not religious) look at the life of Jesus of Nazareth, our Lord and Savior. Do not be put off by the books author many don’t know but Bill O’Reilly was a history teacher and an accomplished historian.

This book is full of interesting facts some which I was unaware. For those that are Christians I feel this book will bring a greater understanding of our faith from a historical point of view.

Yes I know we just started the season of Advent and are looking forward to celebrating the Manager but the Manager and the Cross go hand in hand. Go out and read this book or get the audio book and I really think you’ll get some good knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Killing Jesus: A History

  1. Padre Tatro, Your message is very good in that I learned of the author’s history teaching background. As you allude to, most people are not aware of his academic background, though I would like to know the depth of it. Any academic credentials never shined through his news broadcasts in my opinion. His political views prohibit me in good conscience to consider his book & all his books. His entire operation prior to his fall from his broadcast was terribly money making from his private online club to his books 7 products. And, Padre, you have left out his disgraceful, sinful personal life. BUT, I trust in you that this book is an excellent account of the life of Jesus…..whoever wrote it!!! His books were produced over the years as if from an assembly line. How could anyone with his broadcast & public appearances also write such books????? You & I, Padre, know how much time it takes to get up & shave in the morning & to go about our appointed rounds. No, he cannot be the author. Love to you though! Phil

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    • He graduated from the university of London with high honors for his undergraduate and a masters from Boston University as well as a masters from Harvard.

      I’m not very familiar with his political or journalism career.

      I know he co-wrote the book with another gentleman. You know I value your opinions even when we differ. Glad you took the time to put out your opinions. Love to you and Geri too from Snowie and me.

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  2. Padre Eddie, Thanks! Always…we can disagree. He has impressive academic background from all you say. I wonder about his teaching career details. As far as politics,. we know his views. That’s where I depart terribly as you know. But also, I do not trust his “co-writing” beyond meetings with the real writer(s). And also, we now have the circumstances of harassment & sexual abuse under which he left FOX. Best to Snowie & you! Snowie is so impressive! Phil

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