My Two Cents

After reading something on an Amateur Radio forum, I penned the following reply and thought the blogosphere would get some insight into it as well.

The post was another Amateur Radio Operator complaining that we as a hobby are to slow to embrace newer technology. Here is my reply to him and all like him.

“New technology does have its place. I love learning both the older and the new. They both have good and interesting properties.

However, the thing is even though technology has advanced what would we do in the event we couldn’t access certain parts of it. How would we communicate if all we had was SDR or echo link? Have to be able to make an antenna at least and know how to use a manual tunner. Remember when all else fails there will always be Amateur Radio!

One thing I am always proud to admit is that I am a Ham Radio Operator and when a youngster or a coworker asks what that is I can explain what we do and a little of how we do it. Then I watch the sparks take hold.

Remember this is not 11M (and even that has its place) we study and learn theory to pass our exams. We are ready at a moments notice to give aid to our communities and we are ambassadors of good will.

Ham Radio Operators have been some of the nicest people I have ever met and I’ve never met one that wouldn’t stop and help teach me something new. Our hobby is growing and slowly embracing the new technologies yet we need to hold on to the older parts of it too. That is what made us a great institution and hobby.

We are a family and not always does family get along but we all have something to teach someone else. Let’s put hostility aside and come to the table and learn a little from each other. Just my two cents de KC1FLG.”

One thought on “My Two Cents

  1. Padre Tatro, Well said! After what we have experienced with the failure of cell towers from September 11 through storm disasters & fires & floods, how could anyone question the need for Ham Radio Operators services? And as for accepting new technologies as an ongoing process to improve your craft, it goes without saying that you are open to consider improvements that do not relegate your system to nonoperational as well in time of emergency. Good piece, Padre! Good to see you & wife Snowie doing well from new car to photos & comments about time & work. Phil

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