Anti-Gun Control

Thoughts about gun control from President Ronald Regan:

My thoughts on the cries of/for tougher gun control laws. Gun control will not stop criminals from using guns or having guns. Gun control is not the answer.

The answer is a better mental health system in this country. The answer is more help for social disorders and social diseases. The answer is parents teaching right from wrong and instilling pride and when Necessary discipline. The answer is not gun control.

Look at the City Chicago to see how the toughest laws on gun control in the country doesn’t still the gun violence. Law abiding citizens follow laws…criminals DO NOT!

if people look beyond the worn-out progressive slogans to the facts, they’ll see that passing restrictive gun laws does not create the promised reductions in crime. In fact, statistics show thousands of lives are saved every year because of legal gun ownership.

Stop crying for gun control and start crying for mental health reform and better access to mental health providers and medications. Start working to end poverty and hunger.

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