More Vietnam, No. 4

Phil it is a great honor that you show the humor of what was to say the least difficult times. As always your tales from your service touch me and I’ve shared it with the rest of the class.

Excuse Us for Living

More Vietnam, No. 4

Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

Dogs, Movies, & Carpenters!


Philip Fontana

     Excuse us for living, but having already told my top favorite anecdotes from my military service in Vietnam (in “More Vietnam, No. 2 & 3,” found in the bottom right margin here), does not mean there are not more “gems” humorous and worthy to share. These are shorter vignettes and so I’ll combine a few here that are loosely connected.

As with my posts relating humorous stories that I experienced in Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam in 1970, I feel I must give my apology for writing humorously about Vietnam. So Many thousands of G.I.s gave their lives or were severely wounded. (See “My Vietnam, 1970,” for the tragic numbers, also bottom right margin here.)


     These side-by-side photos give a “panoramic view” of our 97th Military Police Battalion Headquarters in Cam…

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  1. Padre Tatro, Many thanks for reblogging my latest post on Vietnam. I am humbled that you did so. As you indicate, seeing the humor in our experiences got us through & brought us home! Again, many thanks! Phil

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