One Year

CQ! CQ! CQ! This is KC1FLG! CQ! CQ! CQ! Today marks my one year anniversary of getting my amateur radio license! My first contact ever was Bill Welsh, KB1WEA, both on EchoLink and the N1BUG repeater!  
It has been a wonderful year in this hobby, I’ve gone from a Technician to a General Class operator. I’ve participated in many ARES events both in Maine and Florida and one deployment here in Florida. I’ve also became an accredited VE with the ARRL. 
This next year I’m studying for my Extra Class and will attempt to learn CW!  
I want to thank a few good people who have helped me along the way. Colin KF5UTP, Debra KF5UTQ, Paul N1BUG, Bill KB1WEA, George WA1JMM, and the rest of the PARC! You will always be my Elmers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

3 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Padre KC1FLG!!!! Congratulations on your one year anniversary of getting your amateur radio license! Technician to General Class operator!!!!!!!!!! Go for that Extra Class operator now! Best wishes & thanks for the services you provide along with the satisfaction & plain fun you receive back! Phil

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  2. I can remember my first year as a ham and know that the more time I spent on the air the more I learned. Experimentation and hours behind the mic will open new directions for you…. congratulations… 73 KL1HB

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