If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook you will have noticed that today is my birthday.  Now I’m not writing this to get that ol’ pat on the back for surviving another year…it is time to do some reflection.


Many many moons ago with my God-Mother

My First Christmas…to many moons ago.

First, I’d like to apologize to my regular followers for not keeping the Lenten devotions every day, truthfully, I’ve not been feeling well with my pain and the Evil one has been trying to push a heavy depression on me that I’ve been so far winning the battle against.

A lot has happened since last year. I won’t go into much though I will touch on some of the bigger things that happened.

I was able to check off two items off my bucket list. Getting my Amateur Radio License (I got my Technician and my General License). I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer, and through many petitions of prayer and three rounds of chemo therapy there seems to be no sign of that monster.

I also have had some real let downs. I got divorced over this past year, left my friends in Maine and moved down to Florida. However, with this move came a return to ministry after being in a “mini-retirement”. Life still has been on the difficult side since the move…more on the financial aspect but the Lord does provide I must remember that it is all in His time not mine.

One of my friends that stops and keeps me company from time to time said to me not to long ago that for a man that has a lot to say I say very little. That I marvel in the quiet…which is true…I’m not a big talker…though once you get me going on a subject be prepared for a few hours. Mainly I’m listening, observing, and listening for God’s small voice. If it was not for Him, His Son and our Blessed Mother I would not be here today. I give Him thanks and praise for that.

If it wasn’t for those that I’ve let into my tiny circle and those of you that take a few moments out of your day to read what I post I think I live a secluded and mediocre life. Which is fine as I’m the Lord’s servant…though it would be nice to have a game of Rummy 500 or Phase 10 with someone other than church staff (who I feel sometimes do it out of a sense of obligation). With all that I do or attempt to do I still have to wear that blasted mask to hid both my physical and of late my emotional pain. Some days I want to give up…but I won’t let that bastard win.

Please we all do not agree on everything 100 percent of the time on everything…we are living in dangerous and dark times…especially here in the United States. There must be a common ground (yes, I’m daring to talk politics). Work within that common ground. America must return to its former glory…and that means everyone doing their part. Get off the protest lines, and sit down with the side you don’t agree with and put your differences at the door and come up with solutions together that will make both sides content. Life is to short, in a blink of an eye we are born and the next we die. Return to prayer…a nation that prays together…is a nation that prospers.

A birthday celebration is a celebration of life. I’m thankful for all that are in my life, I’m thankful to Almighty God for allowing me to continue to live, I’m thankful for those who have taught me along my journey thus far, and those that continue to teach me new things each day. I’m thankful for the prayers of each of you and for those of you that take a few moments each day to send a text or an email to say you’re thinking of me.

As I draw this to a close I want ya’ll to remember this as I will say it to the day I cease to draw breath. Remember God Loves You and so do I.

5 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. Padre Tatro, Eddie, no better heartfelt words were ever expressed by a person on the occasion of his or her birthday. You must share your age ….if this was a special # birthday. But when you are fighting for your health, they are all special birthdays! You shared so much. –THOSE YOUNG PHOTOS OF YOU, naturally your diverse musical taste, your burdens & health problems, your pleasures, your political advice, & your deep faith most of all. You never did tell us the extent of all your health battles as you more fully did here. Remember that to tell us shares your burdens & summons the strength in numbers of people’s prayers. I do believe in the power of many voices crying out to the Lord. Thank you for your closing words of love. We send you our love. Phil & Geri too!

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