BTech Mini UV-2501+220 Review

BTECH MINI UV-2501+220 (Gen. 3) 25 Watt Tri-band Base, Mobile Radio: 136-174MHz (VHF), 210-230MHz (1.25M), 400-520MHz (70cm UHF) Amateur Radio

With antenna, mag mount and programming cable I paid a total of $237.29.  I will provide the links at for all at the end of this review.

I love this mobile rig, I have it mounted in my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited Convertible.  I bought it when I lived in Maine where I was able to utilize all three bands and I could not say enough good things about it. I moved to Florida and sadly the 220MHz is sadly lacking here (I do hope that this changes though). I’d recommend this rig 100 times over.  It can get a little warm especially during long QSOs but it does have a great fan in it. I get great reports on my transmissions and clarity.  You cannot go wrong for the price.  The radio is easily programmed with CHIRP.

As promised the links:

Thanks for reading de KC1FLG/AG.

3 thoughts on “BTech Mini UV-2501+220 Review

  1. Eddie, Great radio rig! Sometime tell “me of the ignorant” & others the kinds of activities & services ham radio operators partake. Besides talking to one another, storm alerts, rescue operations, emergencies of any type, etc. ?????? Thanks ! Phil

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  2. Padre, That will be great!….And I hope enjoyable for you. Nothing is too simple or basic for us neophytes! It may be difficult, even painful, for you, to start from the basics on up! –Look forward to it! Phil


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