Element 3 Exam

CQ! CQ! CQ!  de KC1FLG…

My brothers and sisters,
family both blood and spiritual,

I ask that you keep me in prayer.  I have enormous test anxiety when ever I take a test and tomorrow I sit for the Element 3 Amateur Radio Exam (General Class License Upgrade).  I will drive an hour northeast of my home to Merritt Island and take the 35 question exam at 17:30 Eastern Time.   I know the material and have been passing the practice exams.  Just a tad nervous.  If I recall I was this way prior to taken the Element 2 (Technician Class) which I passed with only two incorrect answers.  I thank you in advance for the prayers.

2 thoughts on “Element 3 Exam

  1. Padre Tatro, I just prayed & will again pray tonight for you by name with out dinner grace by name for your Element 3 Amateur Radio Exam tomorrow. I can identify with your anxiety from my academic years as student & teacher. Trust in the Lord, I always counseled myself, that you have done your part in preparation. Now let go the anxiety & leave your performance & results in the hands of the Lord. Like “Footprints in the Sand” he will carry you!!! Phil

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