Please stop by and read up on my dear friend and history buff Phil’s blog. He is a philosopher on many subjects and yes Phil I said philosopher.

Excuse Us for Living


My Life Anchors


Philip Fontana


     Excuse us for living, but over the years of our lives many of us find we have need to call upon sources for spiritual sustenance. We need these fountains of strength to get through difficult or demanding moments or chapters in our lives. I look at these sources as my life anchors. These are very “portable” entities, separate from or outside customary church-going and organized religion. I refer to these anchors as “spiritual-lite.” They offer guidance, comfort, strength; solace, if you will.

The first is “Desiderata,” Latin for “desired things.” This poem, written in prose, words to live by, was very popular in the 1970’s and I found it personally instructive and inspirational. I used it in my middle school history classroom with my students. It hung on my podium as a poster and I would play a popular 1971…

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One thought on “Spiritual-Lite

  1. Padre Tatro, Many thanks for the experience of being reblogged which I always find to be most humbling. Calling me both a history buff & philosopher will get you everywhere!!! HA! The history, yes, but I’ve never before been called a philosopher! Thanks, Padre! And that you found worth in these three spiritual pieces means a great deal to me, Padre! Thank you again for everything! Phil


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